We all know who deals with structural fires but...

Who is responsible for wildfires in the arid grasslands of South Africa?

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Welcome to the Official Home of the Free State Umbrella Fire Protection Association (FSUFPA)

The Free State, the third largest province in the country, predominantly consisting of highly threatened Highveld Grasslands with land use practices ranging between communal subsistence farming on one end to heavy industry on the other. The topography is as diverse as its land use with 60% of the province carrying an extreme wildfire risk. Fire is a natural and necessary part of the Grassland biome, but unnaturally high fire frequencies coupled with flawed land management practices increasingly threaten this diverse and sensitive ecosystem. Effective wildfire management is critical for the preservation of this crucial natural asset. The Free State Umbrella Fire Protection Association (FSUFPA) actively supports the sustainable implementation of integrated wildfire management practices on a local, regional and provincial level.

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Wildfire Management Framework of the Free State Province

The purpose of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act 101 of 1998 (NVFFA) is to safeguard communities, the economy and environment from uncontrolled veld, forest and mountain fires throughout the Republic and provides a variety of institutions, methods, and practices for achieving the purpose...

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Fire Protection Associations

The National Veld and Forest Fire Act (NVFFA) makes landowners responsible to prevent and extinguish veld, forest and mountain fires (veldfires) on their own properties while recognizing that the effective management of wildfires remains a common concern needing an integrated and co-operative approach to ensure sustainability of effort. The NVFFA provides for the collective management of veldfire risks on a local...

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